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Blow Through Rotary Valve Manufacturers,Suppliers,Exporters in UAE

We Mukti Enterprises from UAE are a leading Blow Through Rotary Valve Manufacturers,Suppliers,Exporters in UAE. Our expert and skilled professionals design highest quality blow through rotary valve with the latest and innovative technology. Generally, blow through rotary valves are rotary airlock valves. We customize these valves in different sizes and materials as per customer’s requirements.

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Blow through rotary valves are widely used for metering, feeding and pneumatic conveying of materials which are in granular or powdered form. Our blows through rotary valves are operated with high efficiency and high performance. They are made with durable components and maintain for long-life services.


We offer a wide range of blow through rotary valves with features like:

  • » Minimize air leakage, due to precise machining and tight rotor clearance.
  • » Valves are available in different models.
  • » Available in different sizes
  • » Can handle pressure and temperature.
  • » Robust and compact design
  • » The main advantage is a low profile with large capacity
  • » Very easy to clean, so it requires less maintenance.
  • » Can easily discharge powdered or granular materials by blowing it.


We are widely accepted in the markets for manufacturing and supplying blow through rotary valves for applications in different industries. These applications are:

  • » Pneumatic conveying
  • » Suitable for cohesive or sticky powders like flour, milk powders, cocoa, sugar, cement
  • » Applicable in different industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverages.