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Rotary Valve Feeder

We Mukti Enterprises from UAE are a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of rotary valve feeder. We offer customized rotary feeder as per customer’s requirements.

Rotary valve feeders are commonly used in the factories and warehouses for transferring materials without air leakage. It consists of parts like rotor, blades, housing, and drive motor. Rotary valve feeders are also rotary valve or rotary airlock valves and used as volumetric feeders.

Our valve feeders are made with cast iron body and durable components maintain for long lasting period. Highest quality raw materials are used for these components. Generally, our feeders are highly durable, flexible, reliable, low cost effective, and easy to clean.

We are widely accepted as a rotary valve feeder manufacturer and supplier in the markets for providing superior quality products with flexible prices. We are supplying the bulk of rotary valve feeders to various industries on timely delivery.


  • » Our rotary valve feeders are available in sizes from 100 NB to 600NB
  • » We used high quality materials like Cast iron, stainless steel or mild steel.


  • » Food, chemical, plastics, dairy, pharmaceutical etc